Online workspace

Bitrix24 has all the online meeting tools in one place: live feed, chats, phone calls, video calls, and more!


News, updates, announcements, likes/reactions, appreciation badges, and more.

Employee polling

A quick and easy way to collect opinions from your team, polls are fun, engaging, and super-helpful.

Chat and videoconferencing

Remote or not, your employees will always have a wide choice of communication tools – chats, voice calls, video calls and conferences.

Mandatory announcements
Appreciation badges
Call recording
Chat history search


Bitrix24 features plenty of tools for team collaboration and project management, especially for remote teams.


Tasks can have checklists and sub-tasks. Task time is tracked automatically.


Calendars can be personal, group, or company. Two-way sync with other calendars is available.


After a task is completed, the responsible person sends a report to the supervisor.

Appointment scheduling
Extranet chat
Social collaboration tools
External collaboration

HR management system

Bitrix24 can be used as an HR management system as it features attendance management, work reports, workflow automation, and employee directory.

Online time clock

Start/stop/pause working day button, all employee working hours are saved.

Workflow automation

Standard processes like leave requests or expense reports can be automated.

Work schedules

Three types of schedules are available: flexible schedule, shift schedule, and fixed schedule.

Employee directory
Employee profiles
Work reports
Attendance management
Performance reporting

Secure document management

Bitrix24 provides reliable cloud storage and an advanced document management system for cloud collaboration across your entire company.

Online document editing

Documents can be stored and edited in the Bitrix24 cloud, private cloud, or your server.


Personal, group, and company cloud storage with granular rights for files and folders.

Third-party integrations

Features integrations with Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and more.

Public file sharing
Document history
24/7 access storage
Lock editing
Document approval

Workgroups and projects

Bitrix24 includes a professional project management platform with tasks, projects, workgroups, Kanban boards, Gantt charts, and workload management.

Task templates & automation

Recurring tasks can be automated via robotic process automation.

Different roles in tasks

Every task can feature 4 roles: Responsible, Creator, Participants, and Observers.

Different task view modes

Four task view modes are available: List, Kanban, Planner, and Gantt chart

Gantt chart
Kanban board
Tasks dependencies
Task time tracking
Task reports

Knowledge base

Bitrix24 lets you create сreate multiple knowledge bases for the entire company or for specific workgroups/projects that can be accessed from any device.

Visual editor

Easy to create and organize beautiful articles that support multimedia.

Customizable access permissions

Access to certain articles can be restricted for selected users.

Smart search

Finding a page or document in a Bitrix24 knowledge base is always easy.

Template-based editor
External access
Article discussion
Available on mobile
Integrated with CRM

More Than a Communication Platform, More Like an Online Collaboration Suite

Being a part of the Bitrix24 ecosystem, our employee communication tools are cross-integrated with the rest of the Bitrix24 tools to give you a complete online meeting collaboration, automation, and marketing platform – a single web-based platform to run your business on.

Instead of dozens of processes, activities, and document flows often happening randomly and chaotically, you will get a single, streamlined process – done from start to finish in the Bitrix24 software.


  1. Tried, trusted, and loved by more than 10 million companies around the world
  2. 100% FREE to start, unlimited number of users per account
  3. Ideal solution for remote teams that work from home
  4. Best way to streamline your internal business communication
  5. Replaces any office communication and group collaboration tools you might be using