Top Web Design Trends “” Has Seen Come and Go


As a leading web design agency, Webertela has witnessed many shifts in website styles and trends over the past decade. Some approaches have stood the test of time, while others have faded from popularity. Three major trends we’ve observed rise and fall include the minimalist design craze of the late 2000s, the brief dominance of parallax scrolling a few years later, and the mobile-first movement that has now firmly taken hold.

The minimalist aesthetic emphasized clean lines, empty space, and sans-serif typography. Though it delivered a refreshing break from the cluttered pages that came before it, some found it lacking in visual interest or personality. Parallax scrolling generated excitement with its immersive multi-layered scrolling effects, but proved difficult to implement across different devices and user preferences. Mobile-first design rightfully acknowledged the growing number of website users on small screens, helping optimize content for touch. It set the stage for the current responsive, adaptive approach.

While design styles will always evolve, the principles of usability, responsiveness and putting the user experience first remain as important as ever. Webertela continues developing websites that stand the test of time through a solid technical foundation and attention to business goals and audience needs above transient visual trends. Form follows function in the best digital designs.



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